Designers, Letterpress, Workshops

for one day


Wednesdays and fridays

Dates: On irregular base/on request [mail us with a date that suits you : wednesday and friday only]


One participant 250,00
Two participants 150,00 pp
Three participants 125,00 pp

Max participants 3

Time: 10.00-17.00


One day Letterpress

Are you up for a beautiful day in our workshop, surrounded by wood type and machines? And you are not able to attend a full 6 evening course load? Then you might want to join a ONE DAY LETTERPRESS WORKSHOP. We will teach you the basics of typesetting in metal-type and wood type, and let you use the different proof presses. In the end, you will have your own (series of) posters.
Please note: This course is in no way equal to a ‘normal’ 6 evening course. It is therefore not possible to obtain a ‘strippenkaart’  afterwards, to be able to use the workshop independently. If that IS your goal, please subscribe for a letterpress course as described on the workshop page.