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for one day


Wednesdays and fridays

Dates: Friday January 11

After that: On irregular base/on request [mail us with a date that suits you : wednesday and friday only]

Costs € 150,00 materials included
Time: 10.00-17.00

One participant 150,00
Two participants 125,00 pp
Three participants 100,00 pp

Max participants 3

One day Letterpress (dutch below)

Are you up for a beautiful day in our workshop, surrounded by woodtype and machines? And not able to or interested in taking the full 6 evening course? Than you might want to join an ONE DAY LETTERPRESS WORKSHOP. We will teach you the basics of typesetting in metaltype and wood, and let you use the different proofpresses. In the end you will have your own (series of) posters.


Mind this: This course is in no way equal to a ‘normal’ 6 evening course. That means that it is not possible to obtain a ‘strippenkaart’ to be able to use the workshop independently. If that IS your goal, please subscribe for a letterpress course as described on the workshop page.