29 en 30 maart 2019

Letterpress +


March 29 & 30
Friday & saturday
10.00 – 17.00


€ 250 including material, lunch
Student discount 25%

Extra: Mini lecture by Jan Middendorp,
Saturday 16.00

Entrance Free

NOVO TYPO type + color workshop

GWA 15 year anniversary! We look back at highlights and lowlights. This workshop is to show off with the crazy beautiful color type that NovoTypo made in collaboration with GWA in 2015, and is since that day available for use. BIXA is a chromatic wood type, and ZIZA is a chromatic metal type. NovoTypo wants you as a (type) designer to think in color, and forget about black. Come and learn about the science of color, about high- and low-contrast, CMYK, RGB, and transparency. Suitable for everyone who is curious for new style typography and letterpress. 

The two day workshop will be a letterpress full color experience. We will not use black. You will work out your own color palet by experimenting with colored paper and different kinds of ink. In the end you will have composed a full color poster, filled with type in every color you can imagine. And maybe more.

NovoTypo won several prizes and was invited all over the world for special type conferences. His ideas are bold and ask for a lot of discussion. He welcomes you to disagree with him. Please!

  • We start both days at 10.00.
  • Lunch is included.
  • We provide a discount of 25% for all students.
  • The maximum capacity is 10.
“In this workshop we will work with the basics of color and type. We start with some basic theory about color-composition and contrast. What is high contrast and what is low contrast? We will discuss the traditional roles of primary, secondary and tertiary colors, and look at our common color references like Johannes Itten, Pantone, CMYK and RGB.
What is the difference between the colors on your phone and the colors on your paper?
Why do we give colors a name, or even numbers? And: what is deconstructed typography?”