Arabic Type


Costs: € 250,00
Student price: € 175,00
Max participants: 15

Arabic: Play, Cut, Press
The Graphic Workshop Amsterdam (GWA) letterpress studio invited the Arabic Type Design – Beirut workshop series to fly to Amsterdam! In this edition, Lara Captan and Kristyan Sarkis will guide you in making Arabic letters and hand print posters.We use lino, brayers and ink and make use of all the presses GWA has to offer.
Join us! Participants will choose a historical form of any Arabic letter, and will then be guided into playing with its shape to create their own, unique, Arabic letter. The results will be hand prints of A5 Linocuts of each participant’s letter plus a poster-booklet of all results.
Also available at GWA, but not per se to be used in this workshop: Kanat, the Arabic wood type Lara Captan designed in collaboration with GWA.  Welkom in de werkplaats.

Lara Captan (1984) is an independent Arabic type designer & typographer born in Beirut, based in Amsterdam. Since 2005, she embarked on a long, silent road to discover the history and mechanics of the Arabic script with one constant aim: The wish to create Arabic typefaces that spring from the graphic heritage of Arabic writing yet transform the past in search for modernity.


Kristyan Sarkis (TPTQ-Arabic) is a graphic and type designer based in the Netherlands . He has worked in the fields of graphic design and branding, and has shortly taught in Virginia CommonWealth University (Qatar). Since 2010, he is an independent graphic and type designer focused in Arabic calligraphy.
He has been awarded twice the Certificate of Excellence in Type Design from TDC, New York, in 2011 (Thuraya) and 2012 (Greta Arabic). Thuraya was also selected as one of the winning entries of Atypl’s Letter.2 competition. More recently, his latest, Colvert Arabic was awarded 1st prize in the Arabic Text Typeface category in Granshan 2012.

Image by Jamal Tayyara Baroudy, Al bidaya font, Arabid Type Design-Beirut summer program 2016